Our incredible juggling and diabolo performer will totally amaze you.


Our incredible juggling and diabolo performer will totally amaze you.

Top level skills combined with charismatic performance

If you are looking for a circus act that will be sure to keep all ages entertained, look no further. Our exceptionally skilled and engaging juggler will roam around your event mesmerising your guests with his mind blowing tricks and delightful charm. Alternatively he can perform a high energy, riveting stage show with various juggling props, or his trademark multiple diabolos which will leave your guests astonished. All acts come with an LED option.

Juggling FAQs

The venue needs to provide a private, secure changing space for use before, between and after sets/performances with access to electricity and drinking water.

For stage performances, a 5m ceiling height and 6m stage width is needed.

For roaming performances a minimum ceiling height of 3m is needed.

For a feature show (stage show) our juggler would need 5m ceiling height and a minimum of 6m stage width.

A minimum height of 3m is needed for ambient/roaming juggling performances.

Our juggler will perform 3 ambient/roaming juggling sets which are each 30 minutes long.

Juggling cannot be performed in the rain as the props get very slippery and difficult to use. Also costumes can get ruined. However juggling can be performed indoors if there is space (see FAQs regarding height and space for ambient sets) so if it rains at your event an indoor performance could be an alternative option.

LED has the most impact in low or no light. Perfect for indoor, evening shows or outdoors after sunset. Although possible, we don't recommend booking a daylight LED juggling performance.

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