Hula Hoop Performances

Mesmerise your guests with our highly skilled hula hoop performer.

Hula Hoop Performances

Mesmerise your guests with our highly skilled hula hoop performer.

A classic circus act that both adults and children love watching.

Hula hoop dancing is mesmerising, impressive and really good fun to watch! Our hula hooper will roam around your event captivating and enchanting your guests with her impressive skills and bubbly nature. Alternatively she can perform an upbeat, energetic and athletic stage show. Hula hoop performance is an exciting and unusual form of entertainment for parties, weddings and corporate events and you can choose from a variety of costumes to suit your theme.

Hula Hoop Performances FAQs

Booking a hula hoop performer is very straightforward. As long as there is space to perform, we just ask for a private, secure dressing room.

For a stage show we don't actually need a stage, but we do need a minimum of 4m height clearance and a width of 5m.

For an ambient hoop performance we need a height clearance of 3m and a minimum space of 4x4m if stationed in one location. For a roaming performance the hula hooper will move around the event finding the most suitable places to perform in terms of space and audience and will adapt tricks accordingly.

Hula hooping can be performed both indoors (space-permitting) or outdoors (weather-permitting). Please let us know at the time of booking if your event is indoors or outdoors or a mix. Hula hooping cannot be performed in the rain as hoops get very slippery and difficult to use. Also costumes can get ruined. So if it rains at your event an indoor performance could be an alternative option.

Feature hula hoop performances vary in length between 4 and 6 minutes. The length of each show is shown in the details about it.

Freestyle roaming and ambient hula hoop performances consist of 3 sets, each one is 30 minutes long.

Unless you have booked a stage show, the hula hooper can be positioned anywhere at your event that you would like.

If you would prefer roaming sets rather than stationary then they will move about the event as much or as little as it seems necessary depending on the size of the event, space and number of guests. For a small party setting it might be more appropriate for them to stay in one space, whilst at a large public event they might move around a lot more, to cover more space and entertain more people.

Let us know if you would prefer stationary or roaming sets.

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